International Recruiting: Top 10 Tips on Recruiting in the USA, Czech Republic and Poland.

World-famous speakers Jan Tegze, Irina Shamaeva and Kasia Tang will share their experience, useful information and some tips on recruiting in the USA, Czech Republic and Poland.

*This is a charity event! All funds raised will be directed to humanitarian aid to Ukraine!



5 p.m. (GMT+1)


April 1, 2022


1.5 hrs




This event is dedicated to international recruiting. Ukraine is currently at war, as Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, forcing millions of Ukrainians to leave their homes and move to other cities and countries. So for many recruiters the topic of international recruiting, sourcing of candidates abroad and communication with candidates is very relevant and important now. That’s why together with the co-organizers Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood and speakers Jan Tegze, Irina Shamaeva and Kasia Tang, we decided to organize this event, where speakers will share useful information and some tips on international recruiting. This is a charity event!
All funds raised will be directed to humanitarian aid to Ukraine!

This is a charity event! All funds raised will be directed to humanitarian aid to Ukraine!


  • 20 minutes of speech from each speaker + 10 minutes of answers to participants' questions
  1. Jan Tegze: Recruiting in Czech Republic

    Each country has its specifics when it comes to recruitment. Learn more about the beautiful country called the Czech Republic. A country located in Central Europe that Germany borders to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east, and Poland to the north.

  2. Irina Shamaeva: Sourcing in the US

    • Competitive Intelligence
    • US sources and datasets
    • Contact info-finding tools
    • Sourcing for Diversity
    • Getting Candidates' Attention
  3. Kasia Tang: Recruiting in Poland

    How to successfully source in Poland?

    • best sourcing platforms as well as where to post your job ad,
    • what candidates expect from a recruiter in Poland,
    • 5 tips to start sourcing and engaging candidates successfully starting today


Jan Tegze
Jan Tegze

Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter and results-oriented Talent Acquisition Leader with progressive experience managing teams and establishing processes. He is an accomplished professional with demonstrated talent acquisition expertise and success in start-ups and fast-growth environments. Jan has extensive experience in full life cycle recruiting and broad knowledge of international recruiting, sourcing, recruitment branding, marketing, and proactive, innovative sourcing techniques. Jan is a trainer, blogger, speaker, and creator of Sourcing.Games , as well as many other projects.

Irina Shamaeva
Irina Shamaeva

Irina Shamaeva is a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet Research. Lately, her content has been gaining popularity in OSINT circles. She is Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search firm that eventually expanded into research and training. Irina has co-authored three books together with David Galley:300 Best Boolean Strings, Sourcing Hacks, book about Google Custom Search Engines. She shares her discoveries, techniques, and strategies on her blog Boolean Strings and online presentations.

Kasia Tang
Kasia Tang

Kasia Tang is a social recruiting & sourcing trainer at Super Source Me. That's both the name of the company and the sourcing workbook She published last year with her co-founder, Karolina Latus. She works with recruiters to help them find more candidates, but most of all, to better engage with potential candidates. She manages a community for recruiters in Poland and speaks at recruiting events when possible.

This is a charity event! All funds raised will be directed to humanitarian aid to Ukraine!



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Hung Lee
Hung Lee

Hung Lee is the Editor of leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood. He is an industry professional with over 20 years experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer, founder of award winning online recruiting platform WorkShape.io , and now Editor and Community builder at Recruiting Brainfood - the best weekly newsletter in recruitment.
Hung lives and works in London.

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This is a charity event! All funds raised will be directed to humanitarian aid to Ukraine!


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